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About Us

Epoxy Systems International, although a new name to the retail industry Epoxy systems international has over 30 years’ experience in epoxy installation in manufacturing. Epoxy systems international and Petra have joined forces to not only bring the best product and experience to our customers but share our knowledge in the epoxy systems we manufacture. Epoxy systems international is a local Southern California company Specializing in our Epoxy123 systems which is designed from professionals all the way to do it yourself homeowners. Epoxy systems international carries a full line of epoxy systems from our Epoxy123 to our high end Metallica's and outdoor epoxy systems.

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  • How long can a professional epoxy flooring system really last?
    The longevity of epoxy flooring depends on three important factors: the quality of the epoxy product, how well the concrete is prepared before installation, and the setting. Professionally installed epoxy floor coatings in California can ... Read More
  • Are epoxy floors suitable for commercial settings?
    Epoxy flooring was designed for all types of commercial applications with unique commercial epoxy flooring formulations to fit the needs of your facility. Epoxy Systems International Commercial epoxy is one of the most durable, long-lasting, ... Read More
  • Are epoxy coatings appropriate for residential settings?
    Absolutely! While designed for commercial and industrial applications, Epoxy Systems International floor coatings are growing in popularity for residential use, especially due to a growing number of decorative options. Epoxy flooring is a practical and ... Read More

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We can also be reached directly at our store at phone number 949-30-Epoxy or 949-303-7633 or by email -